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          Highlight of CIIE Day 2
          Love uninterrupted
          1. Ducks in a row
          2. Jolly hockey sticks

          Empire State shooting

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          Independence Day marked in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia

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          Young guns Astra Sharm;a and Pri。scilla Hon round~ out the team。While Boeing could, an~alysts note, seek a lower price, pledges bake:d into the deal during months of sensitive negotiations leave Embraers shareholders little room for maneuver barring a sharp rebound。According to Daniel, textil,es imported from China have struck a chord with local clients, given their high quality, af|ford。able cost and durability。(Xi,nhua/Zhu Zheng) Technicians refit an airliner at Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (STAECO) in Jinan, east Chinas Shandong Province, A:pril 27, 2020。The China-Europe |route market。 has maintained r:apid growth。The best parts of my life are left |in my 20s,。According to information fro;m the Vietnamese Embassy in Britain, the Essex police announced on Friday that there ar;e Vietnamese victims, who had not been identified, among the 39 found dead in a lorry truck in Britain, the announcem|ent said。

          Let us sh~ift~ the mindset of the population t;owards production。A series of recent clashes in the ideological area~s and Chinas significantly higher intensity in retaliating show China has made adjustments in its relations with the US, a Beijing-source close to the matter told the Global |Times on Wednesda|y。Main venue of G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, in June, 2019 Photo: Zou Zhidong/GTvThe G20 summit scheduled on Thursday night is anticipated to stabilize the world economy and bolster the prevailing global fight against the COVID-19 p。andemic, Chinese officials said at a press conference Thursday in Beijing, noting that Ch:ina will continue to cooperat:e with the international community in this battle。China-Russia cooperation does not target any third party|, and the cooperation i;n the pa“st decades has shown that the two countries are capable of jointly countering any pressure from outside, Feng Shaolei, director of the Center for Russian Studies at East China Normal University in Shanghai, told the Global Times。bizopi|nion@global~times。Founded in 1447 by a disciple of the Gelug Sect, Tashi Lhumpo Monastery ha|s been overseen by Panchen |Lamas (Panchen is a title meaning scholar) si|nce the early 17th century。The championship moves to Portland, ,Oregon nex~t weekend bef~ore concluding at Laguna Seca on September 22。

          Growing| sidew|ays brings pitfalls。The conservative leader, who was criticized for| his sluggish reaction to the crisis, has defended his actions by pointing to regulations requiring state~s to |formally request federal assistance。The Global Times learned from a marketing manager of Zoom China surnamed Zhao on Monday that the company has taken measures in corre|sp~onding to the safety concerns of online meeting。Photo: AFPPope Francis prayed for tens of thousands of coronavirus victims in an unprecedented livestream Easter Sunday message delivered from a 。hauntingly empty V;atican to a world un;der lockdown。He wondered how NYT drew the concl;usion from Liu Qiangdongs case that sexual assault and harassment cases by Chinese elites a“re largely unsu|pervised。Moreover, as companies in; China return to work, growing numbers 。,of packages are being delivered。The two things are totally irrelevant and the US unders~tands Chinas determination to crack down on fentanyl problems, he said, notin|g forcibly bringing the two~ issues together shows the US is already running out of methods to pressure China。

          The way that the US launched the trade war against China and its extreme measures such as the abrupt crackdown on Chinese enterprises including Huawei, plus its technological decoupling with。 China, have all left the impression on Chinese society that the US is not simply engaged in a trade war with China but is actually launching all“-out containment with Cold War characteristics。Schools will establish“ a health tracking system to rep;ort students and teachers health c|onditions to Beijing authorities。In early November, Chi|na rolled out its commercial 5G networks nationwide, and one; week lat;er it launched research and development efforts into 6G networks。The company has been reducing inventor|y and refocusing on its core high|er-margin business of selling mid-priced apparel| to middle-class families。1|1|, 2019。。At no time did we find any evidence of forced labor and we can confirm that this| facility currently has 。no interns| working overtime, the manufacturer said。Newspaper h|eadline: Oz hyping| ‘spy’ stories reflects nervousness。

          This is an irreve:r:sible trend not only because Chinese companies are searching for overse:as markets, but also because many overseas markets need the talent, technologies and business models from China。But if th,e chaos :continues to dampen the citys business environment, the local financial| industry can hardly escape from a slowdown or capital outflows, Dong said。In October, a 15-km-long water supply line to Macao, the fourth in number, entered operat:ion, with a designed volume of 200,000 cubic meters per day。;The WFP warned the number| of people suffering from acute hunger was projected to nearly double to 265 mi~llion in 2020。The article was compiled by 。Global Times reporter Li Qingqing based on an interview with Zhu Wei, professor and communications researcher at China University of Political Science and Law。Zhe。ng Ruolin, a Chinese media professional and European studies expert based in France, told the Global Times |on Sunday that the recent wave of attacks on China showed no difference, between left- or right-wing media, no matter whether it was Le Figaro that targeted better-off, conservative class or Charlie Hebdo, an extreme-left magazine featuring cartoons that has also joined the scapegoating China campaign。More importantly, Chinas exports in yuan-denominated t。erms。 fell 0。

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